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Two Is Better Than One

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Deeply rooted at Surf 9 is our belief that there is always a better way to have fun with your family and friends. As we continue to push the boundaries, our goal is to make our products the very best option for all. Sure, adventuring the outdoors is fun alone, but it’s even better when you can do it together.

One of our newest line of products is our tandem “supyaks,” individually and more properly known as an ISUP and IKayak. Currently, as a part of this new line is our Body Glove Tandem, Body Glove Cruiser Duet, Body Glove Dynamic Deuce, and Nautica Double. Intentionally created, these two-person boards allow for you and your loved one, or furry friend, to get out together and make life-long memories. We concentrated our efforts on the quality and innovation of these products to make sure you can focus on creating those experiences while leaving the technical stuff to us.

6+ Paddling Configurations

When taking out one of these premium boards, you’ll have several options for you and your partner to make the most of your adventure. Choose between more than six different paddling configurations: two SUP paddlers, two kayak paddlers, one SUP paddler and one kayak paddler, one solo paddler, one solo kayaker, or one gondolier and one relaxed sunbather. The users simply clip in a seat and the paddle board becomes a kayak. The versatile tandem is perfect for families, couples, or even solo riders of all levels.

Patented Multi-Functional Carry Handle

Innovative and convenient is what we went after when designing our patented multi-functional carry handle. Its high-quality construction allows the user to secure the paddle within the strap, carrying both your board and paddle in one hand. Once in the water, use it to hold and secure your water bottle as you paddle away. Ultimately, this versatile carry handle makes your time on the water that much easier and more enjoyable knowing your belongings are safe.

Lightweight & Stable

The main difference between a regular SUP and a two-person board is size. To maintain stability, the board has to be long and wide enough to accommodate two or more people. All of our two-person boards listed above have unique triple layer side rails and an extended platform measuring 15” long vs 11”, like our best-selling Body Glove Performer 11. This alone creates a much more stable platform that is great for beginners to advanced paddlers. Plus, we designed each with a drop-stitch construction and upgraded carbon stringers to add to the stability while making the board lighter and faster. Each board weighs 34 lbs. and can support up to 500 lbs.

The Bottom Line

Our two-person boards are lightweight, convenient, and incredibly versatile. These portable boards allow for multiple paddling configurations for you and your partner to seize the day and create life-long memories. The opportunities are endless with our feature-rich designed tandems. Surf 9 champions innovation and we are always aiming to disrupt the industry by putting out the best of the best.

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Bob Higgins
Bob Higgins
Aug 05, 2021

I have sent multiple emails to your customer support email address, to Danielle, and have tried calling many times with no ability to reach you and a full voicemailbox message. I have 2 of your paddleboards with warranty issues and this is unacceptable.

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