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4 Key Features That Make A Good ISUP Great

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The Body Glove Oasis paddle board is designed to fit the yogi lifestyle with premium, innovative design features.

Finding a great inflatable stand up paddle board can seem daunting. There are tons of options out on the market but what makes a good ISUP great? Here at Surf 9, we focus our efforts on the quality and innovation of each board we produce, so that our retail partners can be proud of the boards they carry and their customers can enjoy their time on the water.

After brainstorming with our experts, below are the top four things we believe make a good ISUP great.


The rule of thumb when it comes to stability is, the more rigid and firm the paddle board, the more stable it will feel out on the water while paddle boarding. The key is to not weigh it down in the process of making it more stable. All Surf 9 boards have added stability features like our triple-layer stringers and side rails. The integrated triple-layer stringers and new ‘plus’ side rail system, with 3 layers of PVC, allows for more rigid and higher-performing boards.


Surf 9 designs each board with the right inflatable construction without adding weight. The combination of the right drop-stitch height with the multiple layer stringers and side rails allows for a higher PSI, which creates more rigid and travel-friendly, light boards. More lightweight features that we are continuing to add to each board is the use of carbon in many ways. Overall, carbon is a lighter material that can reinforce the core of the board while still having the same strength as other heavier materials. We’ve updated some of our boards to include carbon reinforcement and carbon stringers, adding to the stability while making them lighter and faster.

The Body Glove Oasis paddle board is exclusively designed with our PIH (Paddle Integrated Handle) and full-length crocodile skin yoga mat traction pad to maximize space for fitness and yoga.


Going out on your next adventure should be a breeze. That is why our boards come with adventure-ready features to get you up and out as efficiently and effectively as possible. Equipped on most, if not all of our boards are front cargo bungees with stability harness and cooler D-ring attachment points. Allowing the user to load their camping gear, coolers, or other equipment with ease. Most importantly, our boards feature our patented multi-functional carry handle that serves as a water bottle or paddle holder. Giving your customer the peace of mind that their equipment is safe while adventuring out on the water.


Surf 9 designs with intention. Every product is made with the user in mind. That is why our boards are created to fit just about any lifestyle and activity. Whether they’re thinking about paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, surfing, or even yoga, each board comes equipped with its unique enhancements to make their experience that much more fun. For fishing, transporting their rod and other equipment is a breeze with Body Glove's Mariner. It features front cargo bungees, an angler attachment port, and cooler tie-down points. On the flip side, if they’re looking to hold that warrior pose while taking in the sun and fresh air, consider the Body Glove Oasis. This board is exclusively designed with our PIH (Paddle Integrated Handle) and full-length crocodile skin yoga mat traction pad to maximize their space for fitness and yoga.

With quality and innovation at our core, we are carefully designing our premium products to fit the needs of your customers. No matter their lifestyle or skillset, we believe that these four key features are truly essential in making it the best outdoor water adventure.

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