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Innovation is Key - Body Glove iSUPS

Our goal is to not only design products, but also design experiences that create joy and ignite the spark in all of us to go out and adventure. We push the boundaries and think outside of the box to create the innovation that is characteristic to us.

Breaking into the Market

Surf 9 embraces innovation and we are always trying to make big steps in changing the game, and although Inflatable Paddle Boards are not a new concept, we make them better. This builds from the knowledge, passion and experience of our President of Watersports, Luke Hopkins. Luke is a champion paddler, as well as product design and outdoor experience artist with an incredible amount of experience in this category. He aims to not only design products, but also build products that change the way people spend time on the water.

The Beginning

Surf 9 made its debut in the watersports industry with the Body Glove Performer 11 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board in 2016. To this day it is our best-selling board and the top selling ISUP in North America. It came down to certain elements on our boards that allowed us to break into this saturated market. The first generation of the Performer 11 was lightweight at only 24lbs, 34in wide and was incredibly quick while not sacrificing stability. The patented multi-functional carry handle was a showstopper, allowing users to hold their paddle and board in one hand, and once you were in the water, your water bottle or included cell phone dry bag could be safely in the handle. The fixed fins allowed for a worry free paddling experience as well as less steps involved in getting out on the water. Since then we have made some upgrades to the Performer 11 including 30% more surface area on the fixed fins for improved tracking and straighter paddling, new triple layered side rails and upgraded carbon reinforced stringers for added stability while continuing to update our graphics yearly. 

Innovation is at Our Core

Every year we aim to make our products even better. In addition to the Performer 11 we added boards that are for a more specific paddling experience. Our Oasis Yoga Board was a step into a big new sport, paddle board yoga. The Oasis features the first-ever Paddle Integrated Handle (PIH) system, removing the typical intrusive center carrying handle that would otherwise get in the way of fitness and yoga activities. In addition, we added the Mariner+ ISUP to the mix, focusing on those who enjoy fishing. The Mariner+ includes a Scotty Fishing Accessory Attachment as well as an anchor line guide system for the ultimate fishing experience. There is a board for every type of paddler, for beginners and experts alike.

The Big Picture

This is just the beginning of our extensive product line, we have created a product for everyone and continue to innovate every day. Our goal is to make paddling accessible for all, no matter the skill level. Paddle boarding truly is an experience for everyone and we will continue to innovate allowing for endless adventures out on the water.   

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