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Our Commitment to the Planet

Minimizing our Footprint

Surf 9 specializes in footwear and watersports products for the everyday adventurer. We are passionate about creating products that inspire people to go out and explore. Because of our love of the outdoors, we strive to be socially responsible in our business practices and minimize our ecological footprint.

The Problem

Plastic is a large-scale pollutant which affects the worlds oceans on a massive scale. More than 8 million tons of plastic make their way into the ocean every year, and 300 million tons of plastic are made annually. While plastic is polluting the ocean, it is drastically affecting marine life and further decreasing the efficiency of our marine ecosystems, which in turn affects the air we breathe. This impedes us from doing what we do best, enjoy time outdoors.

Steps to Help

Starting in 2021, Surf 9 will be building on its commitment to create a better world and reduce its impact on the environment. The first phase in this initiative is to make a significant reduction in the plastic used in packaging, beginning with watersports products. All single-use plastic packaging will be replaced with brown unbleached paper packaging. These materials will be used when wrapping Paddle Boards and Kayaks, along with the accessories that go in all packages. At Surf 9 we value our oceans and we are always working to reduce our ecological footprint, so by limiting our use of plastic in our packaging we are taking the necessary steps to help make our oceans a little cleaner. In the future we will continue to implement meaningful changes to our packaging and products that can further help to make a difference in our planet.

What You Can Do

Help Clean Up

When you are out on the water, pick up some garbage along the way, every little bit helps.

Drive Less

Our ISUPs allow for convenience in all respects. With the portability of an ISUP you can get to your paddle destination without a car and a roof rack. Simply hop on a bike with your backpack on and save the planet in the meantime.

Paddle More

Contrary to motorboats, Paddle Boarding leaves behind a silent wake, leaving the underwater world unharmed when you go out for a paddle.

Eliminate Single-Use Plastics

At Surf 9, we are doing our best to use less single-use plastics and so should you! When going out for a paddle, bring a reusable water bottle. No need to worry about holding onto it, the multipurpose carry handle allows for a water bottle to be wrapped inside so you can stay hydrated.

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