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Footwear Spotlight: Body Glove

 Body Glove's Montego Arch Sandal for Men featuring Archlogix support

Footwear is more than just for looks, it's about comfort, convenience, and protection,

especially when taking on the outdoors. Surf 9 has been working with Body Glove to deliver an assortment of water shoes, sandals, and lifestyle footwear for men, women, and children. Whether your customers are taking a stroll on the beach, going on a hike, or enjoying a boat day, they should have peace of mind that their shoes can hang with them no matter the occasion.

As summer approaches, we wanted to provide consumers with the best overall footwear they could enjoy in and out of the water. Our goal behind this collection of water shoes with Body Glove is to enhance each style with high quality features and technology that inspires their customers to get out and adventure, creating those lifelong memories without having to worry about their feet.

We sat down with our President of Footwear, Louie Burgos, who has been with the Surf 9 family for almost two years, to get the inside scoop on all things Body Glove footwear ahead of summer. Louie is a Senior Retail executive with 30+ years of Merchant experience including positions at Foot Locker, Champs, and Jimmy Jazz.

Q: What are the different collections within Body Glove footwear and what’s the reasoning for each?

A: They each serve different functions and purpose specific to the needs of the consumer. To create an incredible experience for them, we kept their needs and wants in mind.

  • 3T Barefoot Series is for the real serious, avid outdoor adventurer. For example, for someone who loves to kayak, paddle board, etc., these shoes are made to not fall off during use. They feature our proprietary three-toe design. They were worn by Sarah Lacina, a former champion on CBS's Survivor, during both her 34th season win and in her final four performance on season 40.

  • Dynamo Series is for someone who may be in the water, going for a hike around water, climbing over watery rocks, or even having to cross a river. Think of a sneaker that functions in the water. It has the protection and functionality of a water shoe with an athletic shoe style.

  • Hydro Knit Series is for someone looking for some fashion and functionality but focusing on comfort. They offer more of a commercial price point and wider use. They have a hard rubber bottom, but not necessarily something to hike in.

  • Aqua Sock Collection is created for the consumer who's looking for a basic water-friendly shoe. Whether they want to go into a pool, beach, lake, etc. this collection is for them, especially if they aren't afraid of losing them. We offer nine different versions in this top-selling category, with the Riptide III being our top-selling shoe overall in Men's, Women's, and Children.

  • Sandal Collection provides superior support. There are four styles within the collection that feature our proprietary Archlogix support technology. Once customers get their thumb on that heel, it's a wrap and they want to buy it because they are so soft. I would put the comfort of these sandals up against anyone in the industry.

  • Lifestyle Footwear Collection is made for life in and out of the water. This collection has a lot of attributes from water-friendly shoes. Like most options out there, they are non-marking but unlike most, ours feature material that is water-friendly, quick-drying with added drainage. The best part is they float!

The newest series to be added to the lifestyle footwear collection is the Hydro Sneakers. These water shoes are designed with the ultimate blend of comfort, style, and function. Each style was intentionally created with superior drainage and quick drying uppers to deliver the benefits of a water shoe with the look and feel of a casual everyday shoe. There are currently three styles available, varying for men and women, to wear all day long from the boat to the boardwalk with ease and comfort.

Q: What are some unique features of Body Glove footwear?

A: I would have to say our most unique feature is the Archlogix technology and three-toe design, both of which are proprietary to Body Glove footwear. The Archlogix system is super comfortable, very soft to the touch. It includes an anatomically correct arch, a natural contoured shape from heel to toe, and an integrated heel cup delivering both comfort and stability while reducing tension to the Achilles tendon. The three-toe execution features a specific area for your big toe, middle toe, and the remaining three toes with an easy-on design that offers the feel and dexterity of being barefoot while still protecting.

Q: Ahead of summer 2021, which style are you most excited for and why?

Body Glove's Siphon water shoe for women

A: Oh, the Siphon, for sure! It has everything you need for an aqua shoe to perform, but it looks really stylish on foot. The inspiration for the upper was taken from shoes that are ranging from $180-$200 in the marketplace. It's a full knit 4-way stretch upper that fits fantastic. So far, it has been well-received and selling relatively well with our partners.

At last, footwear is meant to perform, while looking good, feeling good, and providing protection throughout use. Our mission with Body Glove is to create the best possible experience for their customers with our products, whether they are inside or outside the water. Surf 9 intentionally innovates each design with high quality tech to cater to the user's specific needs so that they can worry less and create more.

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